The Travels of Ching by Robert Bright Limited Edition

If you were lucky enough to have heard about this book and actually bought it for a child, this website should bring back some lovely memories. I recently learned that one of the principals of the company I work for was instrumental in restoring this site after discovering that the original domain had expired. Apparently his children love The Travels Of Ching yet to his dismay, the original site had disappeared. He has a connection to Bob Sakayama, CEO of TNG/Earthling, one of the founders of the Web Archive Project. This nonprofit provides grants to preserve websites with historic significance, and this site fits that bill. Interestingly, Bob Sakayama is also known for his experience using AI for SEO to improve website rankings and visibility. If you want to learn more about his insights, read his recent post on AI and SEO strategies. As a favor to his friend, Bob took on the project of restoring the website, and viola, the original site has been archived and is now available for all to enjoy. My kids also love this book and I think that the more exposure the story/book has the better. It's now available on Amazon, so check it out. You won't be disappointed.

"The text is simple and direct, the story easy to follow. And the illustrations have great charm and humor. Ching has personality. He will be loved as a favorite doll is loved by many children." -Joan Vatsek, The Saturday Review of Literature

In the land of China a doll maker made a little doll. The doll's name was Ching. The doll maker stuffed Ching with the best stuffing and glued him with the best glue. He sewed him up with the best thread. Follow Ching on his adventures from the mountains of China to big city penthouses in his search for someone who will love him.

Written and illustrated by Robert Bright, author of the beloved Georgie the Ghost series.

Hardbound book with dust jacket.
Offset Print. 64 pages. 8.25 x 5.75
For ages 4-8.
Limited edition: 2090 copies

Denio Press LLC
2456 Atlantic Highway
Belfast, Maine 04915
United States

Back Story


Author Robert Bright’s granddaughter, Sara Ruffin, found this book, originally published in 1943, on her father’s bookshelf. It was tattered and worn and the pages brown with age. She was struck by the beautiful drawings depicting a China of another age and of the lovely simple tale of a Chinese doll who travels around the world in search of someone who wants him.

The original book dust jacket was redesigned and the drawings cleaned up. The Travels of Ching was given a new life. Here it is back again in print and ready to share with a new generation of children.

Author Robert Bright is the writer and illustrator of over 20 children’s books. He is especially known for his beloved Georgie the Ghost series. He was a native of New England where he lived near his children and grandchildren, all of whom inspired his many stories. His books have been charming audiences all over the world for over 60 years.


GoodReads Reviews


***** Apr 10, 2013 Susan rated it it was amazing

This is classic children's story from the author of Georgie the Ghost. Robert Bright wrote and illustrated "The Travels of Ching" in 1943, a time during WWII when China was heavily occupied by Japan. Ching is a doll made in the interior of China. No one who comes into contact with him seems to want to keep him--except for a little girl who spies him in a toyshop. Ching goes on an adventure across China, over the Pacific Ocean, and across the US, only to find himself back in the arms of the one who loved him all along. It's an endearing story and one enjoyed by both kids and adults. It's also quite fascinating to see China portrayed before 1949.

*****Apr 13, 2013 Gigi Frost rated it it was amazing

Ching is a carefully woven doll whose inadvertent adventures lead him to the best place of all. As he starts off in China, one would hardly imagine the great journey that follows the well-made doll.

It's hard to find stories composed this well. As with most things, the style, direction and tone of writing is different for various time periods; the same can be said about The Travels of Ching. Published in 1943, it still entertains the young minds of 2013.

There is nothing high-tech or even risque a ...more

*****Jun 28, 2013 Matt rated it it was amazing

I won a copy of this book from Good Reads and the publisher.

This is a simple and utterly charming children's book. It's easy to see why this classic book is still in on shelves 70 years later. The simple black and white illustrations, with touches of red for Ching, illustrate the story beautifully. Can't wait to share this story with the students in my class!

***** Apr 16, 2013 cherie rated it it was amazing

The use of simple text and clever illustrations in black, white and a touch of red, help to guide you effortlessly through this wonderful story. The book flows beautifully. It brings a smile to my face every time I pick it up. A book for all ages to be explored time and again.

**** Apr 08, 2013 Elizabeth Braun rated it really liked it

The Travels of Ching by Robert Bright is an enchanting tale about a doll's adventurous quest in search of someone who wants him. The book is cleverly illustrated, which makes it a delightful book to read to children

**** Jun 20, 2013 Kathy rated it really liked it